Best Lightweight Chainsaws: Top 10 Best Small Chainsaws for 2020

Best Small Chainsaw

Are you in search of a new chainsaw? But don’t want to buy something that’s too big? You’ve arrived on the correct page. I am going to help you with how to find the best small chainsaw for your needs in this guide.

This guidance also extends to those looking for the best lightweight chainsaw. Mini chainsaws come in a variety of types these days (gas, electric, and powered by battery packs) and it can be difficult to choose which one is the best suitable for your need.

To find the smallest and lightest chainsaw that fits excellent for projects in your yard, I’ll go over what you need to remember.

So, regardless of whether you are searching for the best small gas chain saw, electric chain saw, or battery-powered type, on this page you can find the top-rated chainsaw products.

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Best Small Chainsaw List

1. BLACK+DECKER Small Chainsaw Lopper

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Do you want the smallest chainsaw? One that can conveniently be used in the shortest period of time to get a lot of tree pruning done? If so, this small chainsaw lopper will be the best compact chainsaw to buy in 2020.

You use it much like a pair of the chopper and it makes quick and clean super-fast cuts. In order to keep the bar and chain well lubricated at all times, this chainsaw even has an Adjustable (Fixed Flow) Oiler. Plus, to keep certain parts from overheating, it only takes a few drops of oil in the reservoir.

However, the best aspect is the Automated Tool-Less Chain Tensioning System that sets the chain’s correct tension. This avoids over or under-tightening, all of which may inflict harm to the user or injury to the chainsaw.

This small one-of-a-kind chainsaw is the ideal alternative if you want one of the best power tools to fly through activities like tree pruning and brush cutting.

2. Sun Joe SWJ800E Lightest Chainsaw Pole

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Are you searching for a lightweight small chainsaw that you can use to cut out-of-reach branches? So you’re right with this electric pole saw. The cutting of high tree branches is ideal for one thing.

And you want an easy to use a lightweight pole saw like this one to work faster. It weighs just 7 pounds, making it quick to move and hold for long periods of time.

As for the height, the pole is 8.7 feet tall. Which gives a complete reach of 14 to 15 feet in the trees to the average individual who is between 5 to 6 feet tall.

An Automatic (Fixed Flow) Oiler to lubricate the bar and chain is also included in this little chainsaw. So, to keep those parts well preserved, you don’t have to change a thing.

A Tool-Less Chain Tensioner requires fast and easy chain adjustments, which only requires a simple turn of a screw.

This is the least costly option if you want a dedicated pole saw for cutting tall trees since it works off electricity, not gas or batteries.

3. Greenworks 20672 Lightweight Chainsaw Pole

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If you liked the previous small chainsaw analysis but were not a fan of using an electrical power cable, you’re going to be much happier here with this device.

All the same benefits of the last review are provided by this small pole saw; it operates on rechargeable batteries.

You can drive easily without any limitations with this battery-operated pole saw. The only downside is that until you have to refill, you’re limited to one hour of cutting time. Only pick up an additional battery with your order if that sounds too short.

As for weight, because it does include a battery, this chainsaw is slightly heavier at 8 pounds.

This is a perfect choice if you want one of the best pole sales for cutting high tree branches.

4. WORX WG309 2-in-1 Small Chainsaw


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You really have the benefits of a pole saw and a portable chainsaw wrapped together in one compact mini chainsaw package with this power tool.

It is quick to use this 2-in-1 method which offers you the ability to handle both high-up branches and small trees on the ground. The blade is also reasonably big to cut smaller trees into workable logs.

At 8 feet high, the extension pole has a fantastic reach.

This deal with dual features is hard to beat for someone who is looking for a quick multi-use chainsaw.

5. BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 Lightweight Chainsaw

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If you like the length of a 10-inch chainsaw, you don’t need the inclusion of an extension pole. Or maybe you just want a small chainsaw operated by a battery that can be used anywhere,  without being attached to a fuel tank or cord.

If that is the case, so this lightweight chainsaw is not the best one to buy. This 7-pound chainsaw is ideal for cutting small trees from the ground, clearing brush, and removing thicker tree branches. The small size also makes handling and going into difficult spots quick.

One thing to keep in mind is that for real cutting time, the lithium-ion battery only lasts about 30-45 minutes. That’s a popular trade-off for the privilege of having a method operated by a battery. When you plan to do intensive work at any time, picking up a second battery is a must.

While the Tool-Less Chain Tensioning Device includes a fastening for the guide bar and chain modifications, the Manual Push-button Oiler allows you to lubricate certain pieces constantly.

For the price, you can’t get any cheaper for a small chainsaw that runs on batteries with those features.

6. Tanaka TCS33EDTP Small Gas Chainsaw

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We are now going into small gas-powered chainsaw territory at a 12-inch size. And the best gas chainsaw of its kind is known to be this model.

However, I have to warn you upfront, this is a professional-grade tool intended for users of arborists and expert chainsaws. It’s not intended for beginners. The reason is that it just has a top handle.

The top handle design makes it easy to use this chainsaw while climbing trees. However, it is often used on the ground by some skilled operators to split firewood and break tree logs.

Extra care is advised as this chainsaw without a back handle for support is less safe. But, if a kickback does occur, it does have a protective chain brake to stop the chain from spinning.

Perfect chain lubrication is provided by an Automatic (Fixed Flow) Oiler and the Anti-Vibration System makes it much simpler to control.

The Side Access Chain Tensioning Device (tool included) is still a decent option, but if it would have been great to have a Tool-Less Chain Tensioner for effortless chain adjustments.

7. Makita XCU02PT1 Lightest Chainsaw

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If my last review was a little intimidating, don’t worry, for all skill levels: beginners, casual lumberjacks, and professionals, this 12-inch chainsaw is safe.

The combination of ease, effectiveness, and efficiency is what makes this the best lightweight chainsaw in its class.

Since this is a small chainsaw operated by a battery, like a gas-driven tool, you can use it just about anywhere. At 10 pounds, it’s still very small, so keeping it for long periods of time should not be a problem.

It has one of the best Automatic (Adjustable Flow) Oiler lubrication performance and organizational, which personality-lubricates and allows you the ability to adjust the oil flow as you need it.

A Superior Tool-Less Chain Tensioning System and a Safety Chain Brake are both provided.

This is the best small chainsaw for many people that they can find that doesn’t use fuel or need electricity through a cord.

8. Sun Joe SWJ698E Small Chainsaw

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This is the best and lightest chainsaw you’ll find if you’re looking for a 12-inch chainsaw that’s super inexpensive and can run all day.

As this is an electrical model that connects to a power outlet, there are endless cutting times. You can slice into all sorts of wood with a squeeze of the button without any downtime.

At 7 pounds, the weight is also great and the Automatic (Fixed Flow) Oiler takes all the guesswork out of the lubrication of the bar and chain.

This chainsaw even has a small screw for chain tension changes. There are not many choices for lightweight 12-inch electrical chainsaws, to be honest. So, if this sounds like the kind of machine you want, with the best features, this will be your top pick.

9. Remington RM4214 Small Gas Powered Chainsaw


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This last set of articles contains 14-inch chainsaws which are the longest you can get until you step out of the small chainsaw category.

As you know, for all-around efficiency and strength, gas chainsaws are the best type you can choose.

And for most individuals, for their requirements, this is the best small gas-powered chainsaw brand. The length makes it suitable for cutting down trees, splitting logs, cutting up firewood, and sometimes pruning branches and clearing brush.

  • Ultra-low price.
  • Quickstart Technology for smoother starts.
  • Automatic (Adjustable Flow) Oiler that’s the best of its kind.
  • 5-point Anti-Vibration System for easier handling and comfort.
  • Tool-Less Chain Tensioner System for fast chain adjustments.
  • Bucking Spikes for digging into logs to support the machine through long cuts.
  • Chain brake for safety.

10. Greenworks CS40L210 Small Chainsaw


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If you don’t like the thought of buying the best compact gas-powered chain saw, the next best option is this 14-inch battery chain saw.

You can do all of the same tree cutting activities I mentioned in the last review except you don’t have to mix fuel, clean out air purifiers, or maintain engine components.

With this chainsaw brand, you just turn it on, pull the trigger, and get to work.

For a consistent cutting time, the Lithium-ion battery lasts around 40 minutes, but in fact, with occasional use, it ends up being much more like two hours. You can also use the battery for other Greenworks items which will save you money on the cost of other yard tools.

At 9.8 pounds, at this duration, this is one of the lightest weight chainsaws you can pick.

A simple chain lubricating system is the Automatic (Fixed Flow) Oiler, and it is easy to use the Side Access Chain Tensioner (tool included).

A safety chain brake is also provided to protect you from kickbacks. Overall, this is a good new chainsaw for anyone who wants to get a lot of work done fast.


Our suggestions above are what we found is presently the best small chainsaw. These are the best small chainsaw to buy in every price range for you. We have analyzed the features and functions of each product and reviewed our best for the buyers.