Best Cheap Chain Saws (Leading Budget-Friendly Chainsaws with Great Value)

Not every person has the budget plan to invest hundreds of bucks in a chainsaw. And also not everyone needs a large beefy maker that can take down huge oak trees.

If you’re looking for the most effective cheap chainsaw for light trimming tasks or reducing smaller sized trees, then you’ve come to the ideal area.

On this page, you’ll locate the most effective budget power saw across various kinds and versions.

There’s something for everyone. And most notably, The power saws are affordable. But that’s not all you’ll find below. In addition to a listing of the very best worth chainsaws, I have actually consisted of some things for you to think of previously acquiring so you can ensure you get the top product for your requirements.

You’ll likewise find solutions to the common questions individuals have about affordable chainsaws, such as how much they set you back, what you can expect out of them, and which kind you ought to obtain. So, allow’s start. Your dream chainsaw– that fits within your spending plan– waits for. See also our recommendations on the best cabinet table saw, the best electric chainsaw, the best chainsaw, the best chainsaw sharpenersand the best router saw.

Selecting the most effective Value Chainsaw.

Prior to we delve into my checklist of the very best most affordable power saws, there are a few things you must think about that will aid you to pick the appropriate one.

Every one of my chainsaws examines below are high-quality makers, however not entering into the list with the right mindset could trigger you to wind up with a chainsaw that you’re not satisfied with.

Therefore, I desire you to ask on your own these three straightforward concerns to help limit your option:

  • Just how much Do You Want to Invest In a Chainsaw?
  • Low-cost power saws range between $70 to $200. What’s your reasonable allocate a new power saw?
  • What Kinds Of Projects Will You Be Making Use Of the Chainsaw?
  • Believe seriously concerning this. Do you intend to cut down trees, split firewood, or trim limbs?
  • Is your function for a chainsaw really details, or do you desire the capacity to do

Exist Any Kind Of Essential Functions You Required in a Chainsaw?

Budget plan chainsaws are available in all types and consist of a selection of functions. Is there anything in particular that it must have? Examples consist of gas-powered, electrical, battery-operated; a hand-operated chain brake for safety; light-weight layout under 10 pounds, an automated chain oiler, etc. If you do not have every one of those responses now, don’t worry. Just maintain those concerns in the rear of your mind as you read the rest of this overview.

What Can You Get Out Of a Budget Plan Chainsaw?

The reality is you can anticipate a lot of out cheaper chainsaws. You’re not just stuck with tiny, weak machines that can not deal with laborious.

Chainsaw modern technology has actually advanced quickly over the last couple of years, and also you now have a wider option than ever before to locate the right tool for your demands.

Right here are several of the top things you can anticipate from the very best budget plan chainsaws:

6 to 18-inch Bar Lengths – Offering you the choice for branch trimming, tree cutting, log splitting, as well as more.

Automatic Bar and Chain Oilers – This is for the hands-free oiling of the power saw.

Ensures correct lubrication of bench and chain, so your tool doesn’t obtain harmed.

Tool-Less Chain Tensioning Equipments – It has a simple and simple method to loosen up or tighten the power saw chain without any special devices.

Safety Chain Brakes – A vital security attribute for protecting yourself against unintended cuts throughout a chainsaw kickback (e.g., the blade thrusts upwards). Kickback can happen when the chain’s idea nicks a tough item or the chain comes to be pinched in between the timber.

Anti-Vibration Modern technology – This allows you to hold the chainsaw for longer periods without obtaining fatigued. The chainsaw is made to divide the engine from the handles, so those parts don’t shake as much.

What Type of Affordable Chainsaw Can You Get?

There used to be a time when only gas-powered chainsaws existed. The guide bar as well as chain sizes on that equipment would just go so little (12 inches) in addition to that.

These days, you have a bigger series of chainsaw kinds (and also lengths) to select from, consisting of:

Corded Electric – This type uses power as well as links into a conventional power electrical

outlet. The size of the cord simply restricts you for how away you can take the chainsaw from the source of power.

Battery Run – This kind runs on rechargeable batteries. You have no constraints for where you can take the chainsaw; nevertheless, overall reducing time can extend in between thirty minutes to one hr on one fee.

Gas Powered – This type works on gas that’s blended with oil. It’s one of the most powerful types of a chainsaw as well as provides the least variety of restrictions. You can also run it as long as you have gas to load it.

Ideal Budget Plan Chainsaw Reviews & Acquiring Overview.

I wish you taken pleasure in that fast primer on what you can expect when looking for the most effective economical chainsaw.

With those things in mind, we can currently move onto the list of the best worth chainsaw designs available.

What you’ll observe listed below is that I attempted to include something for everyone. You’ll discover a premium chainsaw for every dimension spending plan within the 3 classifications of devices: gas, electrical, and battery operated.

As for this page, I’m giving you a listing of the most effective chainsaws for the least price.

Best Economical Chainsaw Checklist Cheapest Gas Chainsaws

Prices Array Between $100 to $160.

When it pertains to gas power saws, the smallest you’re going to get for non-professional use (regardless of price) is 14-inches. Anything smaller is produced by tree experts who reduced high up in the trees while strapped into a harness.

You can inform that a chainsaw is produced by a real arborist when it only features a top handle. Chainsaws created for ground use have both rear and also leading manages, which you’ll discover (as well as want) listed below.

1. Remington RM4214 Power Saw

Check the Price on Amazon

14- inch Bar and Chain.

If you desire the very best inexpensive chainsaw that’s powered by gas, this is likely to be your leading choice.

In many means, the 14-inch length makes it excellent for many homeowners as well as

laid-back woodchoppers. With it, you can cut tree branches, tidy up brush, and reduce smaller sized trees.

And also, if you’re feeling absolutely adventurous, you can also remove a tree that’s two feet thick (24 inches) if you strike it from both sides.

Nevertheless, what you’ll like a lot more concerning this budget plan power saw is that it

includes several of one of the most searched for features available today, including:

  • Quickstart Technology for smoother
  • Automatic (Flexible Flow) Oiler for oiling bench and also a chain. (The very best kind readily ).
  • 5-point Anti-Vibration System that takes every one of the stress out utilizing
  • It has Tool-Less Chain Tensioner for chain modifications while out in the
  • It is geared up with Handbook Chain Brake for security versus
  • Bucking Spikes for digging right into tree logs as well as aiding you to cut through them

If you’re seeking the most economical gas chainsaw that you can use season after a period, this is it.

2. Remington RM4618 Chainsaw.

Check the Price on Amazon

18-inch Bar as well as Chain.

Probably you need a longer chainsaw for heavy-duty work, like thicker log cutting and also bigger tree felling, yet you don’t wish to spend a lot of money on it.

If so, then this is going to be the very best worth power saw for you.

It’s almost similar to my last evaluation, other than it consists of a longer 18-inch bar.

With it, you’ll take pleasure in all of the functions detailed for the previous RM4214 version, such as Quickstart Modern Technology, Automatic (Adjustable Flow) Oiler, 5-point

Anti-Vibration System, Tool-Less Chain Tensioner, Handbook Chain Brake, and Throwing


This version likewise evaluates just around 16 pounds, which is a terrific weight for a gas chainsaw this huge.

Contrasted to other 18-inch chainsaws, you won’t discover another version that crams in as lots of attributes for a reduced cost.

Cheapest Electric Chainsaws.

Rates Array In-Between $70 to $85.

When it comes to corded electrical power saws, things begin to get less costly, as well as your options for overview bar and also chain lengths expand up.

You can find a low-cost chainsaw that’s as small as 6 inches (for delimbing and trimming) or

simply invest a few dollars a lot more to get a larger chainsaw that has an 18-inch blade (for logging and tree felling).

In either case, you can find what you desire at a really affordable if you go with an electrical power saw.

3. WORX WG309 2-in-1 Power Saw.

Check the Price on Amazon

10- inch Bar as well as Chain.

Are you a suburban house owner and need a power saw that can deal with a variety of tasks?

Or maybe you simply require a smaller device in your kit for taking on those difficult to reach


Either way, this chainsaw might be what you require.

What makes it the best value power saw for several property owners is that it’s a 2-in-1 tool. You obtain both a handheld chainsaw and pole saw in one package.

This lets you transform quickly from cutting trees on the ground to high up in the branches

without much initiative. Plus, the low weight of 10 pounds makes it very easy to hold for extended periods without a lot of stress on your muscle mass.

Some added functions you’ll include:

  • Tool-Less Chain Tensioner that also stops unexpected
  • Automatic (Fixed Circulation) Oiler for problem-free bar and chain
  • Detachable 8-foot extension
  • Ergonomic convenience hold for much easier handling when expanded high up in the trees.

All-in-all, this multi-use budget chainsaw is hard to defeat.

4. WORX WG304.1 Chainsaw.

Check the Price on Amazon

18- inch Bar and also Chain.

This next choice is the lengthiest electrical power saw you’ll discover for the lowest cost. It’s created individuals that have durable trees reducing tasks and want equipment that can last throughout the day without needing to refuel. Once it’s connected in, this tool will run forever.

You can utilize it to cut down medium-sized trees, cut up logs, as well as divide your firewood right into best quarters.

As for noteworthy functions, it consists of the following:

  • Patented Auto-Tensioning Chain System that takes the guesswork out of appropriate chain
  • Automatic (Fixed Circulation) Oiler for a completely moisturized bar and chain with every
  • Guidebook Chain Brake to keep you secure from unexpected

You will not find a less costly, much longer chainsaw than this. If a mix of plus size and also low cost are what you desire, after that look no further than this tool.

Least Expensive Battery Power Saws.

Costs Range In-Between $130 to $160.

Battery power saws are all the go crazy nowadays.

That is as a result of the reality that they supply the specific same advantages of a gas power saw yet without the problem of carrying, mixing, or getting gas.

Nonetheless, the benefits of using batteries do include an expense; it takes a lot of juice to a

power chain saw, along with also Lithium-Ion batteries don’t come affordable.

While you can get nearly any type of kind of measurement battery power saw (8 to 18 inches), only the 8 to 10-inch styles are considered “affordable.” Going any type of longer than 10 inches will certainly bump the price approximately $250 or even more.

If you have a rate of interest in seeing each of your choices for battery-powered power saws (despite the price), consider my suitable battery power saw in the listing. It includes each of the leading variations you’ll discover today.

As for the two power saws evaluated listed here, you’ll find that they’re both valued under

$160, which is why I have in reality included them on my inexpensive power saw list.

5. Greenworks 20672 Post Chainsaw.

Check the Price on Amazon

8-inch Bar and also Chain.

If you want a tiny power saw for delimbing and likewise reducing that operates on batteries, this is an excellent choice.

The telescoping post simply takes a number of simples rotates to lengthen your reach and

added 8 feet airborne to minimize branches at a distance. It likewise evaluates around 8 included extra pounds, making it among the lightest post style power saws you can obtain. Nevertheless, the best part is that you can obtain a total of one hr of lowering time on each battery expense. That’s sufficient time for a lot of clients. As well as charging takes similarly as long as one person.

The various other benefits you’ll value with this budget article power saw contain:

Automatic (Repaired Flow) Oiler to guarantee lifetime long life of bench along with the chain. Tool-Less Chain Tensioner to make improvements to the chain without using any unique tools.

Suitable Battery with numerous various other Greenworks Power Tools.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly chainsaw with an extendable blog post that does not need to be linked in, this battery-operated variation is a great choice.

6. BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 Power Saw.

Check the Price on Amazon

10- inch Bar as well as Chain.

Potentially you want a cordless spending plan power saw that’s much more multi-dimensional than my last review.

If so, this version is one of the most cost-effective, ideal power saw you can purchase that works on batteries.

With this version, you can manage little jobs from the ground, like decreasing dropped trees, cutting low branches, splitting fire timber, as well as additional.

The weight is perfect for most people as well– at 7 extra pounds– as well as also it makes the tool a lot easier to navigate in tight locations.

When it comes to lowering time, you’ll enter between 30-45 minutes on each charge with a

two-hour recharge time. Added functions consist of:

Tool-Less Chain Tensioner for straightforward chain modifications.

Manual Oiler that requires you to press a little rubber button to oil bench in addition to the chain.

Front Hand Guard to secure versus flying bits.

Although this chainsaw does not feature a lot of ingenious features, it’s one the greatest budget strategy power saws you’ll uncover battery power that.

If you need something that you can order promptly for a little job around the house, this might simply be the tools for you.

Which Finest Economical Power Saw Should You Pick?

If you reached this aspect of my introduction and also are still unclear which is the very best budget strategy power saw for you, adhering to details can aid you to limit your selection.

I’ll assess the 3 types of chainsaws and also discuss each’s advantages and disadvantages.

Gas Power saws

Below’s what you can get out of the most effective gas-powered power saw.


  • The best variant for
  • The majority of efficient. (The engines manage the heaviest ).
  • Really mobile. (No restrictions on where or when you can utilize ).
  • Long cutting times. (As long as you have fuel, it will certainly remain to ).
  • A great deal of study as well as difficult. (Can ).
  • Lengthy life span. (If managed ).
  • Repairs are simplest. (DIY tutorials are plentiful, as well as any tiny engine shop can help repair ).


  • Terrific maintenance is
  • Need to mix gas with oil at a suitable
  • It can be harder to start over the years as engine components get
  • The ChainsawProduces gas
  • Heaviest
  • Loudest (Likewise when ).
  • Limited bar and also chain sizes. (14 to 18 ).


Electric Chainsaws.

Below’s what you can expect out of the very best economical electric power saws that make use of cable television.


  • Least quantity of
  • Simplest to
  • It begins comfortably with the press of a
  • Endless cutting
  • Lightest
  • Quietest (General along with simply makes sounds when you pull the ).
  • Clean (No gas ).
  • Most cost-effective kind to obtain. (A lot of rate less than $80.).
  • It has the biggest series of bars as well as also chain lengths for a really budget-friendly price. (6 to 18 ).


  • It needs a power electric
  • Least portable. (The size of the expansion wire restrictions get ).
  • An expansion cable can hinder (or twisted) while using
  • It can’t be used throughout a power
  • Fixings require electrical (i.e., specialist maintenance.).
  • Best for light to medium-duty (Not as powerful as gas engines.).

Battery Powered Chainsaws.

Below’s what you can anticipate out of the least expensive battery power saws.


  • Extremely mobile. (Just as high as gas power ).
  • It Starts with the push of a
  • Minimized
  • Quiet (Just make sounds when you pull the ).
  • Tidy (No gas ).
  • Batteries are compatible with different other gadgets in the very same brand’s item. Cons:
  • Trimming times vary by supplier. (i.e., half an hour to one human ).
  • Recharging times differ by manufacturer. (i.e., 20 mins to 2 ).
  • Can not use when batteries are billing. (Fixed by acquiring multiple ).
  • Repair work requires electrical knowledge. (i.e., specialist ).
  • Best for light to medium-duty work. (Not as effective as gas ).
  • A lot of costly kinds to buy. (Most of the expenditure $200 and even a lot ).
  • A lot of restricted in bench in addition to chain lengths for an inexpensive price. (8 to 10 ).

Chainsaw Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance of the Chain Saw is the key to its long life. What’s the secret to a long-lasting chainsaw?

Appropriate maintenance.

An economical power saw can run permanently if you maintain it well preserved. And that’s not simply helpful for the maker, however, it’s likewise great for your wallet.

The procedure of puncturing timber and running the engine elements at high speeds can be

taxing on your chainsaw. So, if you want your brand-new device to last, below are some points you can do to keep your chainsaw in a wonderful problem.

Develop the Chain

Reducing with a plain chain triggers excess wear on your power saw’s engine or electric motor as well as creates it to eat even more gas, electrical power, or battery juice. All of which boost your long-term expense of owning the equipment.

If you’re acquiring a spending plan chainsaw for the long haul, it’s a great concept to purchase a chainsaw sharpening set. It comes with whatever you require to maintain your chain sharp.

Yet just how frequently should you develop the chain?

The general rule is that if you have to use pressure when sawing, it’s time for quick honing. Tidy bench as well as Chain

A dirty overview bar or chain also triggers too much wear on your chainsaw.

A great regimen to get into is to erase any dirt or debris on the guide bar or chain teeth after each use. Just ensure that the power is turned off, so you do not mistakenly get reduced.

Ensure Correct Stress on the Chain

A chain that’s also tight can cause tension on the engine or motor. It can also trigger the chainsaw to stall.

If the chain is also loose, it can diminish while reducing and also trigger major injuries. Consequently, you should check the chain tension prior to each use regularly if you’re sawing for a long period.

An excellent general rule here is to have about 1/8 of an inch of play in the chain when you bring upon it. It should also snap back right into location when you release it.

Some cheap power saws include a car tensioning system that takes every one of the

guesswork out of this process.

Keep bench Oil Degree Full

If the guide bar is taken into consideration the heart of your power saw, then the bar oil is the blood that keeps it in good working problem.

Without correct lubrication, the overview bar as well as the chain can become damaged as

well as the need to be replaced.

So, ensure that the bench oil level is constantly completed prior to each use to not face any kind of expensive repair service issues.

Cover the Blade

Wetness and also dust are chainsaw’s worst enemy since they can cause deterioration. Covering the blade with a sheathe can assist secure your power saw against irrepressible elements. And also they’re pretty low-cost as well– around $5-10.

If you’re storing the power saw for a long period, you may intend to think about taking the chain off as well as splashing it with a protective finish to maintain it in a beautiful problem.

Clean the Air Filter (Gas Designs Just).

Gas chainsaws use air blended with gas to power the engine.

Therefore, an air filter needs to shield the internal components from dust, dirt, as well as various other debris.

Make it a practice to clean up the air filter after each user as well as when it obtains

significantly filthy, replace it.

Clear out the Fuel Tank (Gas Designs Only).

Over time, mixed fuel that has been resting can begin to thicken up as well as create sludge.

And sludge that goes through the engine can degrade performance.

The very best point you can do to prevent that is to run all of the gas out of your chainsaw after each use.

If you can not do that, after that allotted time before the next reducing task to empty the gas tank as well as fill it with fresh gas.

Closing Thoughts on My Best Budget Chainsaws Reviews

As you discovered, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a high-quality chainsaw. There are many options available for less than $200, and several you can get for under


What’s also nice is that you’re not just stuck having to choose between a certain type of chainsaw for a low price. There are choices available for every kind of machine (gas, electric, and battery-powered).

I hope you found the best budget chainsaw for your needs on my list and that it’ll serve you well for years to come.