10 Best Chainsaws to Buy for 2020

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Looking for the best chain-saws? Need an easy way to easily equate the top chain saws? If so, you landed on the right page.

If you’re only searching for the best deals or want to ensure that you’re spending just in the highest quality chain saws, this list of the top 10 chain saws for 2020 has been written especially for you.

Here you’ll find what you need to make the right choice on what popular chain saw to buy. Below you’ll see a list of top chainsaws that keep selling better all the other items on the market — and outselling them.

It ensures you will enjoy a powerful machine, no matter which one you pick, that can get the toughest woodcutting jobs finished for years to come.

I have done my best to make this the best available chain saw comparison and buy guide So, enjoy this list of the top-rated chainsaws. I’m sure you’ll find the one that’s right for you. See also our recommendations on Best Concrete Saw, Best Cabinet Table Saw, Best Router Saw, Best Lawn Mower.

Best Chainsaw to Buy in 2020

1. Remington RM4214 Chainsaw

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When you’re looking for one of the best chainsaws you can use season after season, this is it.

In reality, for both rural and suburban homeowners who need a skilled gas-driven device for a range of tree trimming and wood cutting needs, it’s one of the most common and strongest chain saws.

The 14-inch bar and chain for cutting small trees and pruning branches render it an outstanding saw. One wide 28-inch tree with two opposite cuts may also be cut down.

However, the best sections are the Quickstart Technology for smoother starting, the Automatic Oiler with Adjustable Flow for perfect chain lubrication, and the 5-point Anti-Vibration Device which makes the usage extremely easy.

A side-mounted chain tensioning system allows us to adjust the chain quickly while working and requires no special tool.

An advanced Inertia-Activated Chain Brake is one thing that would make this chain saw even more perfect. It is one of the strongest protective devices out there because it can immediately avoid the chain from rotating during a kickback’s upward push.

However, for your safety, a Manual Chain Brake is also provided, and this is a secure (and most common) alternative.

2. Remington RM4216 Chainsaw

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This famous Remington chainsaw offers you all the same benefits as the previous review but comes with a longer bar—16 inches.

This is a clear winner for someone who needs a decent middle-of-the-road power device which is simple to use.

Of course, there are other manufacturers out there that sell 16-inch gas chain saws, but what makes this one of this size ‘s best chain saws is the Automatic Oiler with Adjustable Flow and 5-Point Anti-Vibration Shield.

Every other chain seen in this class provides a combination of features.

Additionally, this chain saw is one of the cheapest gas driven equipment with a 16-inch handle that you can find.

3. Poulan Pro PR5020 Chainsaw

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If you haven’t always known this, Poulan Pro is one of the best names on the chainsaw outside. And it’s no wonder that this famous model is ranked and high on this top 10 list of chainsaws.

To every customer, the 20-inch bar renders it a powerful device. The length ties the line that was perceived as being a skilled category.

If you’re searching for the right gas driven chainsaw that’s not too pricey to cut down big trees (and break down fallen trees), this Poulan Pro model is a perfect pick. It’s perfect for chopping firewood, too. OxyPower Engine Technology, which offers an efficient engine with 70 percent fewer emissions and 20 percent lower fuel consumption, is the better aspect of this engine. That’s good for both the environment and you’re wallet.

It also has an Inertia-Activated Chain Brake, one of the strongest safety features out there as well as a Side-Mounted Chain Tensioning System for fast chain change.

An Automated Oiler with Customizable Flow for more precision oiling is one feature that will render this Poulan Pro chain a bit more user-friendly used.

The Fixed Flow edition will, though, still hold the bar well oiled, which is what you want for a long-lasting chain saw.

4. Husqvarna 460 Chainsaw

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Husqvarna’s 24-inch bar makes one of the top-ranked chainsaws.

For seasoned operators who like to do some serious work, this professional saw is perfect.

This is most common as it offers you the strength you need to perform the hardest jobs without any hiccups, including cutting down big trees and turning big logs into usable lumber.

The improved X-Torq Technology decreases pollution by 60 percent and lowers fuel usage by 20 percent meaning that during each phase you can cut (and save money on gas) over longer periods of time.

It also includes all the top features you want in a chain that sees this big: an Inertia-Activated Chain Brake, Customizable Flow Automatic Oiler, and Side-Mounted Chain Tensioning System.

With a giant chain saw like this there is not anything else you can hope for.

5. Makita XCU02PT1 Chainsaw

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We now join the chainsaw reviews segment that includes the best battery-driven chainsaws.

And the Makita XCU02PT1 is a cordless chainsaw that’s made well with an electric motor.

Because it has a small 12-inch bar, it is the perfect tool for residential projects, such as house and yard light trimming work.

The famous model is also quick on the ears because it operates much quieter than its competitors driven by gas and is low maintenance.

However, one of the best parts is that it operates on Two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries. This increases the running time by 50%.

The package also comes with 4 quick-charge batteries, so that you can cut at a time for many hours without needing to avoid recharging.

Another advantage is the specification of the batteries through the Makita tool line which enables you to use them in other Makita power tools.

The protection function of the manual chain brake and an automated oiler with the adjustable flow for fast bar lubrication are two final features deserving of note

6. DEWALT DCCS690M1 Chainsaw

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When you’re looking for one of the best-rated chain saws that offer gas-driven model performance but come with the comfort of a cordless edition, this is the obvious winner.

This qualified chainsaw, like the # 3 chainsaw review above, is also a decent middle-of-the-road alternative as it has a 16-inch bar.

However, the main drawback is that the electric motor operates on a lithium-ion (not a fuel) battery which lasts up to one hour of intensive cutting time.

The design makes it an extremely low device for maintenance.

The battery can also be exchanged with other DEWALT power devices, which is good if you wish to add (or have already) to this line of products.

A good safety option is the Manual Chain Brake, and the Automatic (fixed flow) Oiler takes the guesswork out of keeping the chain well oiled.

Finally, like the other chainsaws on this list, this famous model also features a Tool-Free Chain Tensioning System in addition to a Quick Adjustment Bar Tightening Knob.

7. Greenworks Pro GCS80420 Chainsaw

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This GreenWorks Pro chainsaw is one of the highest-ranked chainsaws and with a long bar—18 inches it gives an extreme performance.

When you’re a homeowner searching around the yard for a versatile device for heavy-duty work, this is the largest (and best) cordless battery chainsaw you ‘re going to find.

Using it, you can handle difficult woodcutting jobs during service without the hassle of lugging around fuel or taking in the exhaust fumes.

The 80V Lithium-Ion battery provides you with a cutting period of around 30-45 minutes and requires around 30 minutes to charge.

A nice feature this popular model has is that others aren’t Bucking Spikes.

This lets you dig the chainsaw base into a log to help direct a more precise break. They even assist with holding the saw to avoid injury during a kickback.

The Manual Chain Brake is a normal safety device on cordless chain saws (Inertia-Activated versions are hard to find) and the Automated (fixed flow) Oiler holds the saw 100 percent of the time well lubricated.

8. Remington RM1425 “Limb N Trim” Chainsaw

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The last chain-saw overview section includes electric chain-saws. And one of my favorites is this famous Remington “Limb N Trim” edition.

There is no need to mix fuel or wait for batteries to be charged with a chain saw that has an electric motor — you can cut without any pauses or delay forever.

What makes this 14-inch chain saw a perfect entry-level product is that it has an easy-to-use, extremely lightweight build (6 lbs.).

This chainsaw is a wish come true for many homeowners who want something which is low cost for small tree cutting employment and pruning.

A unique feature they provide is a wraparound hand guard that covers the top hand from any flying debris when cutting wood. However, it does lack protection measures such as a chain brake, but the risk of kickback is smaller with the types of jobs of which this device is intended.

A Manual Oiler offers you complete power over the process of chain and bar oiling and a Simple Chain Tensioner helps you to quickly change the tightness of the chain without a separate tool.

9. WORX WG303.1 Chainsaw

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You may be searching for an electric chainsaw which is a little more efficient than the last review.

If so, the exact model you ‘re after maybe this.

For first time users and casual lumberjacks, this famous 16-inch chainsaw is great. When you have a number of quick and easy jobs around the yard to handle (e.g. clearing brush, trimming small trees, cutting firewood), this is a perfect go-to chainsaw.

The greatest feature of this system is that it has a Patented Auto-Tensioning Chain System, which removes away the guesswork from tightening up the chain of your saw. It prevents over-tightening and keeps hundreds of cuts at the perfect pressure.

Another good aspect is that a built-in window level indicator on the reservoir comes with the Manual (Fixed Flow) Oiler. Which tells you to refill the chamber when it’s necessary.

Finally, the safety features include a Manual Chain Brake for safe operation.

10. WORX WG304.1 Chainsaw

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If you liked the previous review’s sound but wished it had a longer bar then you’re lucky.

This professional WORX model offers all the same advantages as the last model, with the added advantage of cutting to 18 inches.

This is the longest duration of an electric chainsaw you’ll find.

For harder work, it is a tool, including cutting down big branches, working hard fallen trees, and breaking logs into firewood.

If you want one of the top quality electric driven chainsaws, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Once plugged in it works forever and gives the perfect duration of woodcutting for a majority of people.

Chainsaw Buyer’s Guide – How to Pick the Perfect Chain Saw


The chainsaw is an effective and efficient cutting power tool used to cut trees and branches. It works with a motor, generally referred to as a powerhead; that powers a sharp metal chain, driven by a radial clutch, with the chain moving around a channel in the lead bar at fast speeds. When the chain makes contact with wood, the sharp teeth of the chain are dragged across the wood surface, resulting in cutting the wood. The chain is not guarded and this makes chainsaws, the most dangerous handheld operated power tools.

How does chainsaw work?

Gas chainsaws generally have a two-stroke engine, the very reason why they are noisy. The engine powers the chain saw which does our job of cutting the trees or branches. The proper hearing protection and other safety measures are needed when operating the chain saw.

Who uses a chainsaw?

Chainsaws are used by many people including homeowners, gardeners, arborists, landscapers, firefighters, loggers, carpenters, chainsaw artists, and people just like us. Anyone who needs to cut or trim trees, they probably need a chainsaw.

Four Factors to think When Buying A Chainsaw

Four of the important qualities to consider when purchasing a chainsaw are guide bar length, power type, engine power, safety features, and our own fitness/strength level.

Guide Bar length

Guide bar length is the length from the tip of the chain to the housing(where the chain enters the housing). Bar length also represents the cutting area and the largest size length of wood the chainsaw could cut in a single crossing. For homeowners, large pieces of wood can also be cut with a smaller chainsaw. For that, we need to do it in two passes. For instance, a 16” guide bar can cut twice length – that is about 32” wood. But it’s not just the bar length that decides the size of wood we can cut. Also, consider whether the engine power is enough or not to cut through a 32″ log?

Battery Power

The most common and preferred battery type is lithium-ion (Li-ion), but you may yet come across the older battery type like nickel-cadmium (NiCad). NiCad chainsaws are comparatively cheaper and take more time to charge but for some small projects, they will be fine. If you plan to do bigger projects then buy a chainsaw including lithium-ion batteries. They are charge quickly, lighter, and last longer.

Engine Power Type

Gas Chainsaws

Power is to identify the engine size in cubic centimeters or cubic inches. The larger the number, the powerful the engine, but with more power chainsaws come with more weight. Most chainsaws used by homeowners are typically between 24cc and 46cc.

Electric Chainsaws

Power in an electric chainsaw is measured as Amperage or Amps (A). The larger the Amps the powerful the chainsaw.

Battery Powered Chainsaws

The Power in a battery-operated chainsaw is related to Voltage or Volts. The greater the Volts, the powerful the chainsaw. Battery-powered chainsaws became more powerful in the past few years and are capable of generating enough cutting power like a small gas chainsaw.

Chainsaw Safety

Buying a chainsaw is very much different than buying most of the other consumer products. The chainsaws are very dangerous when they are not used properly. The risk of the injury is a continuous threat and also completely avoidable if you can follow some basic rules and equip with the proper protective gear. There are more than 100,000 chainsaw injuries or accidents every year in America.

Recognize the potential of your chainsaw because they are one of the most dangerous home power tools and injuries can only be prevented through proper education. But only knowledge is not enough, you also need to practice it every time you use your chainsaw.

Not just it is important to purchase the right chainsaw for your requirements, but it is evenly important to assuring the quality and protection features of any particular model you are opting to buy. Don’t just make your decision depending on price; your health and safety are very much priceless.

So study your need and the required safety measures before choosing the Chainsaw. Protective gear is not something that is optional when operating your chainsaw so buy the required protective gear. You need to maintain your safety from the time you turn on your chainsaw. The protective equipment anyone need is as follows:

  • Safety pants or chaps
  • Head Protection
  • Safety glasses
  • Hearing protection
  • Cut-resistant safety boots
  • Gloves

Buy your protective gear before you buy you but the chainsaw. The protective gear combines hearing protection, hard hat, and a visor for eye protection.

Types of Chain Saws

No matter why we require a new ​chainsaw​, it’s essential that you opt for the right chainsaw for your work you plan to do. There is a chain saw that is perfect for everyone, whether for residential purposes or for commercial purposes. At the core, chainsaws can be divided into three main different types:

  • Gas chainsaws
  • Electric chainsaws
  • Pole saws

Gas Chainsaws:

If you plan about cutting big branches or felling trees, gas chainsaws are the ideal ones for you. Not only that gas-powered chain saws provide sheer engine power and portability; they offer greater cutting power because of the simple truth that the chain turns faster on a gas saw than on any electric saw.

But it is not like, gas chainsaws are about the brute strength. There are variations within the gas-powered chainsaw category, mainly there are three styles of the gas chainsaws

  • Homeowner gas chainsaws
  • Farm and ranch gas chainsaws
  • Professional gas chainsaws

You’ll find chainsaws with capacities as low as 32cc and as high as 60cc. You’ll also see that the gas chainsaw works with a bar as short as 12″ and as long as 24″, depending on each model.
All the variety is that you can find any gas chainsaw to assist you with your project.

Homeowner Gas Chainsaws

Lighter and affordable of any gas chainsaw, homeowner chainsaws are meant for people who utilize their saws to clean up after storms or remove the lone trees. You can generally able to tell if the chainsaw is designed for homeowners with these key measurements and features:

  • Slim body design
  • Lower horsepower engine
  • Lower fuel capacity

Because of the lightweight, homeowner or any consumer-grade chainsaws are meant to be used with the bars no large than 18″. In addition to being affordable than any other type of gas saws, homeowner chainsaws have features like automated bar and chain oilers, which can keep the bar and chain continuously lubricated and the chain can turn smoothly while the work is on.

Farm and Ranch type Gas Chainsaws

Farm and ranch chainsaws are known as prosumer saws. More powerful than the homeowner saws but somewhat less expensive than the professional chainsaws, farm and ranch saws give a sturdy compromise for somebody who uses saws around the home frequently but doesn’t have to bother about daily wear and tear.

What is the expectation from a chainsaw toward farm and ranch use?

  • Comfort features – vibration dampening systems
  • Engines with good RPMs
  • Spring-assisted starters and fast acceleration mechanisms to get the kick start

Farm and ranch chainsaws can use larger bars than homeowner saws can, so you can cut larger trees and branches. If you feel that 24″ bar interests you, then you might get a prosumer chainsaw.

Professional Gas Chainsaws

Professional chainsaws are of lightweight, making them even more comfortable to use every day, and all day. Well, balanced ergonomic designs, good vibration dampening systems, and the top handles allow us to handle them with ease even after continuous hours long jobs.

But it is not always about just comfort. Professional gas chainsaws possess other features that make them suitable for heavy-duty work such as felling trees:

  • Higher RPM engines to provide more cutting power
  • Larger fuel tanks
  • The ability to use bars of 48″ on certain saws

Depending on the chain saw, you might find features like tool-less filter replacement systems or inertia-triggered chain brakes for user safety. These features come with a higher price tag, but for the groundskeeper or arborist who uses chainsaw daily, the support these features provide is worth it.

Electric Chainsaws

However, if the biggest concern is cutting up the small branches, then an electric chainsaw is a perfect fit.
Sometimes they might look less powerful when compared to gas-powered chainsaws, but that doesn’t imply that electric chainsaws miss any benefits. In fact, purchasing an electric chainsaw provides several advantages that tend to be especially good to homeowners:

  • Lightweight
  • Quieter
  • More affordable
  • Low maintenance
  • Exhaust-free

Electric chainsaws are ready as cordless or battery-powered saws, which allow more portability, and corded saws provide continuous power without the necessity to replace a battery.

And it is not like electric saws always are less powerful than gas saws. With the advance in technology, you can count on seeing the electric saws made to handle hard work.

Today, electric chainsaws are almost as powerful as the gas chainsaws, so you don’t have to sacrifice the cutting quality when you use them.

Plus, unlike gas chainsaws, they only run when cutting, making the electric chainsaws a very reliable choice for operators.

Electric chain saws come as corded or cordless:

Corded Chainsaws

Although not as powerful as the gas chain saws, corded electric models can cut harder logs than the cordless chainsaws.

They’re very ideal for slicing branches and for small trees close to the ground.

Powered by extension cords, the user needs to be within the 100 feet of the power source to operate it. Cordless Chainsaws

If you feel like there is a restriction for the area around the area, try the cordless electric chainsaw instead. They are very much perfect for some small jobs such as cutting branches or trimming limbs.

Cordless chainsaws are generally powered by rechargeable batteries. They typically give you an hour or two of cutting time. So, if you want to use a full day sawing, you should come prepared with multiple batteries. Pole Chain Saws

Sometimes the assignment wouldn’t be to fell a tree or to break the branches down that have already fallen. Instead, you might need a chainsaw to help you with heavy-duty pruning that can keep a tree healthy and strong. If you plan for pruning high overhead, your best tool is a pole saw.
Like the handheld chainsaws, pole chain saws are mainly available with three different power sources:

  • Gas-powered pole saws
  • Cordless pole saws
  • Corded electric pole saws

Because pole chainsaws are held overhead, they are smaller and lighter than the handheld chainsaws. Even the bars are smaller, falling in the 8″ to 12″ range. Due to the size, they’re not recommended for use on, heavy and thick limbs, but for pruning tall branches, they are the safest and the best option.

While the idea of a “chainsaw on a stick” might look odd, it is quite a handy addition to landscaping.
For this purpose, consider buying one of the below three kinds of pole chain saw that are commonly found:

  • Cordless or battery-powered pole chainsaws
  •  Corded electric pole chainsaws
  •  Gas-powered pole chainsaws

Cordless and Battery-Powered Pole Chainsaws

Cordless pole chainsaws​ get the power from a rechargeable battery. Depending on the chainsaw and the type of battery included, you can get up to a half-hour or an hour of use from one charge.

In the past, Ni-Cad batteries are used as common components of battery-powered chainsaws. These days, lithium-ion batteries are also considered standard due to the longer life and good power output.
Because these chainsaws are battery-powered, cordless pole saws provide low power of any type of other pole chain saw. In exchange for their lower power output, they offer other benefits like:

  • Portability – battery-powered chainsaws are not limited to area as they do not have cord
  • Low maintenance – It is just to keep the chain sharp and to replace the battery
  • Ease of use – They are very easy to use just click on the power button and start.

The bars on the cordless pole saws tend – between 8″ and 10″ to allow users to trim the small and medium trees. For the homeowner with a few quick, pruning and cleanup tasks around the yard, a cordless pole chainsaw is a convenient choice.

Corded Electric Pole Saws

Like the cordless counterparts, corded electric pole saws use bars between 8″ and 10″ in length. Unlike rechargeable pole saws, corded pole saws get their power from an electrical outlet and always need to be plugged in with a cord when in use.

They are restricted to stay within 100 feet of an electrical source. This is one of the downsides of the corded electric pole saws. But for those who stay plugged in, corded saw offers plenty of advantages:

  • Low maintenance – corded chainsaws don’t require you to change any oil
  •  Lightweight – They don’t have any gas tanks or battery packs, this makes them lightweight.
  • Affordability – not only do the chainsaws come with budget-friendly prices; they also don’t require you to spend any money on the replacement batteries or fuel

If you’d like to spend any more time outdoors trimming your trees at low cost. A corded electric pole chainsaw can be the right choice for you.

Gas-Powered Pole Chainsaws

Gas-powered pole Chainsaws​ are the pole saws of your choice for landscaping and other forestry professionals as well as for any homeowners who have larger properties to maintain and bigger trees to trim.

Why are the gas pole saws suited for heavy-duty work?

  • Powerful gas engines
  • Longer bars
  • Improved torque
  • Comfort features like vibration reduction and balance with rear-mounted engines.

Sometimes they might be louder and more expensive when compared with other types of electric pole saw, but gas-powered pole chainsaws give professionals and homeowners the freedom to work large tracts of land and to take down branches without running out of power.


Hopefully, our reviews have given you a view of what type of chainsaw is best for your needs, it’s essential to make sure that you are satisfied with whatever choice you make. Whether you’re looking at electric, battery, or gas-powered saws, you need to be sure that you are purchasing something that you are comfortable using.


What is a chainsaw primarily used for?

If you’re a homeowner with an occasional need for the chainsaw, only doing small cutting a few times a year, then an electric chainsaw suit you fine. On the other hand, if you are felling medium-sized trees and working in the woods then you will need a gas chainsaw with some 45cc engine or larger.

What’s the experience with using the chainsaw?

If you are buying your very first chainsaw and you have never used anyone before then you might need the smallest chainsaw that will get your project goals. For the initial users, I would suggest using a guide bar of 18″ or less – but you may only need a 12″ one. Again, it all depends on their needs.

What type of trees will you be cutting? Soft or hardwood?

You’ll need a good powerful gas chainsaw if you are cutting hardwoods, like dogwood, hickory, birch, oak, or ash.

How many times will you use the chainsaw?

If you intend to use the chainsaw for a few days of the year then I recommend you buy an electric chainsaw as you won’t have to worry much about maintenance. Gas chainsaws require more maintenance, but there are some people who love to get their hands to tinker for them gas chainsaw is probably the one.

Where will you be using the Chainsaw?

If you own some large piece of land and you need to roam freely or you plan on working in the woods then a gas chainsaw might be the right choice for you as it will allow you freedom of mobility. Sometimes electric chainsaws are limited by cord length or battery life.

What time of the year will you be using the chainsaw?

If it is Winter, consider a chainsaw with any heated handle and a well-heated carburetor.

What environment will you be using the chainsaw in?

If you will be working in any environment that requires you to be quiet, such as: indoors, a sensitive area, within areas with noise bylaws then an electric chainsaw is a way to go.