Top 8 Best Cabinet Table Saws to Buy in 2020 – Reviews 

If you’re searching for a cabinet table saw and if you are about to buy one, then you should know that they come in a wide range of styles, from larger contractors chopping to portable table saws that most people seem to own. Buying the best model for you depends on your requirements, and how you can use it.

While it is true that the features of the saw are very essential, you should also remember the model, its weight, efficiency, and a number of other factors. Now that you know a little more about the things to remember while buying a table saw from the cabinet, let’s take a closer look below at some of the best models you can buy now. See also our recommendations on the best electric chainsawbest chainsaw, the best chainsaw sharpenersand the best router saw.

Best Cabinet Table Saws Reviews 2020

1. SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 – Best Cabinet Table Saw Overall

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The SawStop is our best cabinet table saw on our review list to buy in 2020, it is perfect for both hobbyists and craftspeople. SawStop’s PCS31230-TGP252 is a 3 hp cabinet saw that provides outstanding performance while featuring the company’s patented protection system to ensure maximum safety during usage. The Sawstop safety system is identical to those of Grizzly’s G0690 where the blade stops when it gets into touch with flesh.

It’s designed and built to suit the needs of the most challenging clients, the SawStop’s PCS31230-TGP252 features an precise finish, and a superior device for dust gathering. The PCS31230-TGP252 saw features a fifty-two-inch T-Glide fence framework, but also an extension table and rails for improved accuracy and additional power.

There’s also another thing you’ll love about the PCS31230-TGP252 cabinet saw, including the left tilting blade, and a riving knife that supports the customer through non-through cuts and reduces kickback.

You can buy the optional MB-PCS-000 integrated free base which features 2 stationary casters and 2 pivoting casters if you want to take the saw with you and use it in another location. In addition, it is also possible to update the mobile base assembly to a raising power of one thousand pounds, add a hydraulic piston lift, and 4 individual pivoting casters.


  • The T-glide fence system creates even cuts on all types of wood.
  • Extension tables add more space to the overall table.
  • Available in both a 1.5 hp and a three-horsepower motor option.
  • Cuts to a maximum depth of 2-1/4 inches and 3-1/8 inch at 45 and 0 degrees.
  • Collects up to 99% of the sawdust produced through its dust collection port.


  • Wet or damp lumber can set off the safety saw features.
  • Removing and replacing the blade is hard.
  • Not suitable for professionals or experienced users.

2. Powermatic 1792001K PM2000

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The Powermatic 1792001 K PM2000 enters our preference for the best table on our list of cabinets. It features a 1-phase, 3-hp motor with rout-R lift and Accu-fence system that sets a new engineering benchmark thanks to the large body shape of the saw and an impressive range of patented features.

The 1792001 K PM2000 is the result of years of study and work, including hundreds of conferences with woodworkers who provided input that was finally implemented in the cabinet saw. This saw’s performance, durability, and safety features are so excellent that they really set a new benchmark that will measure all other cabinet saws.

While Powermatic’s trunnion mechanism was considered to be the best, there have been more refinements made to render it much stronger. The conically designed worm gear drive with improved surface area, the top end bearings but also the cast iron, box-style construction blend with the height and tilt changes’ solid and smooth feel. It is very simple for users to change the device back to the fresh feel and clearances of the factory, due to the dynamic backlash.

Last and not least, the 1792001 K PM2000 also features almost zero-vibration efficiency, and thanks to its durable build, several years of use can be expected from it.


  • Retractable caster system for easy and convenient moving.
  • Produces fewer vibrations than similar tables due to the cast iron base.
  • Poly-v belt drive system helps the table run quietly and smoothly.
  • The dust collection port is compatible with vacuum systems that use a four-inch hose.
  • Comes with a four-year warranty that covers all parts.
  • Heavy Duty


  • The dust collection port is smaller than those used on similar tables.
  • Some found it hard to lift or move around
  • Takes up a lot of valuable space in a workshop

3. Shop Fox W1819

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The Shop Fox W18193 cabinet saw is constructed like a tank, from the triple belt drive mechanism to the three-HP motor and the large cast iron table and wings. You’ll also enjoy the T-slot miter gauge featuring a fence extension and flip stop, but also a four-inch dust collection port and Camlock T-fence. There is also a rip-capacity of twenty-nine and a half inches.

Shop Fox has fitted this cabinet saw with a blade safety brace consisting of an anti-kickback pawl, a spreader, and a polycarbonate shield (clear) to ensure the customer is fully safe when working with the W1819.

The W1819 Shop Fox also comes with a flip stop miter fence which provides excellent work-piece support and is ideal for longer work-pieces. As for the flip stop, particularly when you want to make multiple cuts of the same width it will be very useful. You can even turn it out of the way if you choose to cut longer work-pieces and then move it back down to make further cuts at the cutting width of your choosing.


  • Large trunnions and cast iron base add extra stability.
  • The miter gauge easily adjusts.
  • Has a magnetic switch for extra protection.
  • Easy to use front wheels.
  • Allows for minute adjustments.


  • Many users had problems with the cheap design of the included fence.
  • The warranty does not cover the motor, which can burn out from routine use.
  • Needs some assembly.


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The JET 708675PK Xactasaw Deluxe is an impressive cabinet table saw featuring a finely ground and wide cast iron table measuring twenty-nine by forty-two inches and having plenty of work surface for even the most difficult designs. Often, taking a closer look at the front of the blade, users find it has ten inches of the transparent table which a lot of users would certainly appreciate.

Looking under the table, you’ll find a wide-ranging, heavy-duty cast iron trunnion mechanism that delivers outstanding performance, almost vibration-free action, and incredible stability that is known for the JET 708675PK Xactasaw Deluxe.

In addition, the operating mechanism has been mounted on the all-steel cabinet, which ensures it would be very easy to fit the miter slot in the cast iron table by simply loosening 4 hex head cap screws. Easily accessible from the ground, the screws.

The fact that it comes with a left tilting mechanism for safe angle cuts is one thing you would surely love about this cabinet saw. Since the saw is a left-tilt mechanism the blade will tilt away from the fence while in operation. Lastly, the powerful motor 3 HP makes it easy to cut a wide range of materials without having to worry about choking.


  • Miter Gauge storage and on-board fence
  • Produces fewer vibrations than similar cabinet saws.
  • Prevents kickbacks from injuring you.
  • Runs smoothly and quietly due in part to the v-belt motor.
  • The safety guard works with the blade tilted.
  • Offers fast-changing and adjusting of the blade.


  • The table may not be as flat as it looks.
  • Not as durable as some higher-priced cabinet saws.

5. SawStop PCS175-TGP236

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Although having a table saw or a cabinet saw is a must-have for most workshops, you may wonder if you really should be losing nearly $3,000 from SawStop on this model. Right now we can inform you this cabinet saw is absolutely worth its high price tag. It meets all professional use requirements but is easy for beginners to work with too.

One of the main features of this cabinet saw is the protection mechanism developed by the designer. Have you ever held your hands a little too close to a spinning blade, and started you could lose either one-two fingers? The Sawstop safety system gets the blade to a complete and close-immediate stop in a fraction of a second when it detects nearby clothing or skin.

SawStop PCS175-TGP236 lets you select the engines that work best for you. For easy tasks and quick cuts, you can use the 1.75-horsepower engine. If you want more power, the three-horsepower motor option will be preferred.

The cabinet that comes with this saw package measures 19-3/8 “wide by 19-3/8” deep. You also get a cast iron table which measures 20-inch wide by 27-inch deep and two extension wings which can be added to the table. We like that these wings increase the table length and allow you more room for cutting as well as working.


  • Easy to assemble and set up in your workshop.
  • Features one of the industry’s best safety systems that shuts the blade off during emergencies.
  • The Fence system has a T-glide design that you can lockdown.
  • The powder-coated finish will last for years.
  • Cuts at different orientations and has a maximum cutting depth of 3-1/8 inches.


  • You may have issues keeping the table aligned with the blade.
  • Some parts may arrive warped or warp over time.
  • Requires careful following of the instructions to put the table together.

6. Delta 36-L552 Unisaw

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The Delta 36-L552 is the best cabinet saw for cabinet making of boat building as well as for woodwork. It features a fifty two-inch Biesemeyere fence, speedometer style scales, and also dual crank (up-front) controls with locking cams. Looking closely at the interior of the Delta 36-L552, we see a powerful 220V rated 5 HP motor that is ideal for cutting engineered products like melamine, MDF, but also hardwoods.

One thing you’re going to enjoy about the riving knife is that it helps the table saw to be changed without requiring any special equipment, for non-through and through cuts like picture frames, shelf grooves, but also cheek cuts for chairs, rabbets, and dais.

There’s also the potential to store various equipment or something else you can find under the tablet cover, and considering that it’s expandable and easy, using the Delta 36-L552 would make it even more awesome. The cabinet table saw comes with a bi-level dust extraction device for dust collection which offers superior capabilities for dust collection.

Last but not least, the Delta 36-L552’s build quality is outstanding, and the table saw in the cabinet consists of a sizeable cast iron base that offers solid footing and great stability during use.


  • The extension table adjusts to different heights.
  • Uses cast iron in the base and extension table.
  • Available in two motor types: three-horsepower and five-horsepower.
  • Bevel dial lets you make fine adjustments.
  • The trunnion system does a great job of reducing the table’s shaking.


  • Many users reported getting incomplete table saws.
  • Some buyers had problems with the company’s customer support.

7. Grizzly G0690

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The Grizzly G0690 is a very unique and valuable table saw in the cabinet and says standard and effectiveness in every part of it. With its triple belt drive system featuring a 3 HP, 220V, 3-phase Leeson motor, heavy cast iron trunnions, wings, and table, this model should definitely last you a lifetime. This will strike you not only with its impressive build quality, but also with its other features that include a four-inch dust collection port, a T-slot miter gauge, a magnetic switch, but also heavy cat hand-wheels, a riving knife, and Camlock T-fence. If you’re a professional using tablet saws from the cabinet for quite a while, users immediately appreciate the quality of the Grizzly G0690.

The riving knife is a type of quick release and the Grizzly G0690 comes with a push stick and a quick-release blade, too. This riving knife will move down and up to protect the operator during use but also tilt with the blade.

In terms of size, the table height from the floor measures thirty-four inches, with an extension measuring twenty-seven by forty inches and a total of 62 by 41 by 40 inches (LWH) dimensions. This is simply an amazing saw and you’re not just going to use it for many years to come, but it will help you get the professional results you’re looking for in every project.


  • Has both a dust collection port and an extension table.
  • Cuts to a maximum depth of more than three inches.
  • Stands nearly three feet off the floor to reduce fatigue.
  • Compatible with dado and other tools.
  • Produces 300 revolutions per minute when using the arbor.


  • May lack some/all of the fence pieces.
  • Grizzly has a lack of customer service support.
  • Does not provide as much space via the extension table as others do.

8. SawStop ICS5123052

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If you’re searching for the perfect table in the cabinet that has seen out there this is the model to buy. This is an industrial-grade cabinet saw as well as being the best performing, most effective, and strongest cabinet saw you can get at present. Its fifty-two-inch industrial T-glide fence assembly, combined with a 5 HP, 230V single-phase motor, provides safety, versatility, durability, and peace of mind for which SawStop is so well known.

The SawStop ICS51230-52 cabinet saw in terms of features comes with a patented safety mechanism that avoids injuries and severe accidents and provides users with the highest level of protection during use. Thanks to its 5 Horsepower, you can quickly cut 5-inch hardwood or much thicker without having to think about the strangling of the saw. Also, you can switch between riving knives and guard in just a few seconds, thanks to the toll-free quick shift mount.

While other cabinet saws can not give you a clear cut every single time, the SawStop ICS51230-52 doesn’t do that. This model features an industrial fence system which ensures that the cut will be very precise and perfectly straight each time you cut something. One final thing to bear in mind is that the product contains a regular base, while separately offering the mobile base and job site cart.


  • Four-inch dust collection port for convenient cleaning.
  • V-ribbed belts keep the motor running smoothly.
  • Uses a thick and high-quality type of steel.
  • Includes a 52-inch T-glide fence system.
  • Designed for use in professional and industrial spaces.


  • The legs on the extension table can wobble and shake.
  • Brake settings can affect the overall performance.


Our suggestions above are what we found are presently the Best Cabinet Table Saws. These are the Best Cabinet Table Saws to buy in every price range for you. We have analyzed the features and functions of each product and reviewed our best for the buyers.