Top 5 Best 16-inch Chainsaw to Buy in 2020 – Reviews

If you like to take on your own home and backyard repair work, you most likely have a good selection of tools to help you obtain various tasks done. One useful product to have as part of your power collection is a chainsaw. Whether you have one currently or otherwise when you begin utilizing them, you usually will find having greater than one size for various tasks can be found in handy every so often.

A 16-inch chainsaw is an outstanding balance between small, extra small chain lengths and more extensive, longer chains producing more considerable, more expert work. These can take care of the structure work you might have and the power and side to lower good-sized trees and maintain points well kept around your backyard. Our handpicked option of 16-inch chainsaw reviews can be located listed below. See also our recommendations on the best electric chainsawbest chainsaw, the best chainsaw sharpenersand the best router saw.

Top 5 Best 16-inch Chainsaw – Reviews


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The Greenworks Business styles and makes eco-friendly products that provide long-lasting power and efficiency compared to comparable equivalents. Their series of power devices include chainsaw options, including this 16 inch, a 40-volt cordless style that utilizes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last through 150 cuts.

The brushless motor is developed for maximum torque to manage more massive cut tons and includes safety attributes such as an electric chain brake and even low kickback layout. It also has a 70% resonance decrease to keep you from feeling exhaustion rather than quickly. An automated oiler ensures a smooth cutting surface area as well as quiet work time.


  • Can take care of more massive cuts easily when required
  • The battery lasts longer than
  • Extremely lightweight as well as simple to maneuver


  • Oil drains in storage
  • May not last more significant than a few years of regular

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2. Remington RM1645 Chainsaw

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If you’re not a fan of gas chainsaws or don’t want to spend the extra money on a battery-powered model, then a corded electric chainsaw is what you need.

You can tackle all of the same yard projects as any other 16-inch chainsaw on this list, but bigger jobs may take you a bit more time to complete since the chain doesn’t spin as fast.

However, the major advantage of a corded electric chainsaw like this is the low price. They’re dirt cheap.

Plus, you can cut forever as long as it’s plugged in. There’s no stopping to refuel or recharge batteries.

As for features, this Remington chainsaw has a nice setup:

  • Lightweight at 9 pounds
  • Easy-turn Screw Chain Tensioning System for fast chain adjustments
  • Automatic (Fixed Flow) Oiler
  • Bar and Chain Oil Level Indicator

If you want a really cheap 16-inch chainsaw, this one is hard to beat.


  • Effective, portable cutting
  • Exceptionally powerful for an electrical alternative
  • Surprisingly lasting battery


Oiler may not produce enough oil. Batteries add additional weight.

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Remington is a well-known name in the landscape design sector with products backed by the MTD brand layout. Their 42cc, 16-inch Chainsaw has a solid track record as well as is developed for efficient as well as powerful residence usage. Created to deal with heavy work, the Rebel series saw simple stress control and an automated oiler to keep you working worry-free.

Safety features consist of a chain brake, balanced weight, a 5 point anti-vibration system, a low kickback bar, and chain, provide reduced exhaustion, and extra comfy job experience. The simple start-up maintains your arm from tiring, and also the cushioned wrap-around hold allows you to stabilize weight as you relocate. The product features a protective situation for risk-free storage space and helps maintain it tidy.


  • Trustworthy beginning as well as usage
  • Cuts smoothly as well as is well
  • Perfect size for year-round building maintenance


  • Leaks oil when kept
  • A little heavy overall

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Husqvarna is a long-trusted brand and is also considered among the very best producers and professionals of chainsaws in the world. This company has been around for centuries and has even offered household items for more than 100 years. Resilient and robust, the 435E 40.9 cc gas-powered saw version is no exception to their layout. Efficient in handling a 13 inch to 18-inch bar and chain, this saw can be utilized in many different situations from light to hefty workload conclusion.

Furnished with an X-Torq system to lower gas consumption and discharge, this saw is cutting edge in modern technology. The very easy, innovative beginning system calls for an easy begin to pull, and a LowVib and inertia turned on-chain brake aids you work safely. The wrap-around bar and slim general design give excellent ability to move around the area you are operating in.


  • Accessible, trustworthy
  • Smooth, quick, simple to regulate
  • Manages numerous bar


  • Need to buy hand readjust the chain

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5. DEWALT DCCS690M1 Chainsaw

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The next best chainsaw you can buy in a cordless model is this DEWALT chainsaw here. Like my last review, this chainsaw also has a brushless motor for delivering a maximum performance that rivals a gas-powered machine.

So, why would you choose this chainsaw over the Greenworks model? Honestly, it really boils down to which product line you want to invest in. If you already have other DEWALT outdoor tools, then go when this model. You can save money by not purchasing the battery.

But, if you’re not invested in a cordless ecosystem yet, then the Greenworks model may be a better choice for you. If you want a 16″ battery chainsaw, you can’t go wrong with this tool. The portability, low maintenance, and gas-free design make it a handy machine.


  • Cuts well through heavy, thicker
  • Reputable as well as powerful with the ability to hold a larger
  • Easy to


  • Somewhat challenging to start

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Why a 16″ Power Saw Worth Having

As stated, power saws are most definitely worth having around if you are the DIY kind. These are effective, easy to use devices that call for a minimum of upkeep. Many individuals at first prevent them as a result of the dangers they offer. However, over 95% of injuries triggered by saws result from operator error and also poor judgment. With a little understanding of exactly how a chainsaw works and some necessary safety regulations, you will come to be comfy with their use and power quickly.

Chainsaws make short work of nearly any type of woody material you might have. Whether you need clean cuts for building materials, are looking to cut and clean up your trees and shrubs, reduce firewood, or clean out and form any trees you may have– a power saw is your device. With a massive range of dimensions and versions to select from, there is something for any task you can think of.

A 16-inch saw is nearly the perfect size for most homeowners as it can manage all the above-stated jobs and remain within a reasonably compact version design. Making use of a saw can save you a lot of time and money in the long run as it functions quickly, as well as the preliminary financial investment is conveniently covered if you do not have to hire specific jobs out.

How to Select a 16-inch Chainsaw.

To pick the very best model for your needs, you need to think about a couple of details to help you decide on your acquisition. Most 16 inch saws are relatively similar to one another concerning power and dimension, but individual preferences can make or damage an offer. SAW USE.

Look for the consumer examines that help highlights the uses each design has been used for and pay attention to any troubleshooting they might have had to acquire a concept of how well they run. Likewise, consider what you prefer concerning movement and total power. If you want a cordless model, you need to consider if a battery-run or gas-powered is most acceptable for you. If you intend to use your saw frequently, then a gas-run model may be much more reliable in time.


Maintenance obligations ought to additionally be considered. Electric models need a bar and chain upkeep; however, tiny in anything else. Gas designs require a common understanding of how a 2-stroke engine runs to repair any troubles that occur and keep it running smoothly. The good news is, primary machines typically have easy engine fixes, and you can keep it running for longer than an electric engine. As soon as an electrical engine falls short, it typically is less expensive to change it than have it fixed.

4 Steps to Proper Chainsaw Upkeep.

Your Chainsaw might appear like among your most challenging devices; however, it does need some TLC once in a while if you intend to maintain it in working order. Thankfully, chainsaw maintenance is instead uncomplicated, so you can spend even more time using this tool to cut through timber than cleansing it. If you’re new to chainsaw upkeep, take a glance at just how to keep it in good shape year-round.

Keep it Clean.

The more you use your Chainsaw, the most likely you’ll see debris adhered to it, from sawdust and tree sap to globs of oil. If you want it to proceed to work as successfully as possible, you’ll need to cleanse it. However, each part is a bit various when it involves the right cleansing method, so be prepared to clean everyone individually.

For instance, if the chain is unclean, take it off and saturate it in a mix of ammonia and water for concerning half an hour. Then make use of a soft brush to scrub the chain up until there disappear particles on it. Then, you can wash it with clean water and also completely dry it off extensively.

The following action is to check the carburetor to see if there’s a deposit blocking it up. If there is, it will certainly block the flow of fuel to the engine, triggering it to have trouble beginning. So tidy this part of the Chainsaw by spraying pressed air or a fuel additive onto the carburetor. Next off, eliminate the needle shutoffs, diaphragm, and cover plate from the saw and put them all into the cleansing mix you used for the chain. You ought to after that cleanse the air filter with soapy water or perhaps replace it entirely if you can’t seem to obtain the debris out. All these cleaning actions will undoubtedly maintain your power saw not only looking great but also working well.

Develop the blades.

A plain chainsaw won’t do. That’s why regular chainsaw maintenance involves developing the blades. If you’re not sure if your blades require to be sharpened, focus on exactly how the power saw has been functioning lately. If it tends to release sawdust– instead of saw chips– you may require to develop the blades. And if it feels like it jumps when you use it, the edges might be as well blunt.

To hone them, first secure the Chainsaw to vice and maintain it there with a formidable guard. Then take a sharpening data as well as push it flat throughout the power saw’s blade. Once you complete the edge, lift the data and repeat the same activity, seeing to it to only sharpen in one instruction for most satisfactory outcomes. Also, utilize the same number of strokes for each tooth on the chain, with 3 to 6 being significant.

Make Certain Your Power Saw is Lubricated.

Your chainsaw requirements to be well oiled to avoid rubbing between the guide bar and the chain. If there’s not nearly enough oil, the chain won’t transform as fast as possible, and the whole tool can get too hot.

If you’re unsure if there is enough oil in power saw, put cardboard or paper over it and then rev the engine. It would be best if you saw oil spray onto the surface area. If this doesn’t take

place, there most likely isn’t sufficient oil in it, and you should include a lot more. Examine your owner’s guidebook to learn precisely how to include oil, because the procedure differs relying on the power saw you have.

Use new gas.

Unless you use your Chainsaw often, there’s a chance the gas inside has been breaking down since the last time you used it. The gas in it can start breaking down in as little as a month during storage space, and also, this can cause a deposit connecting the carburetor, so it does not work right.

Consequently, you need to put in only sufficient gas to last for one month. Your various other option is to make use of a gas additive, such as STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer, to maintain the gas fresh for months each time.

When you take note of chainsaw maintenance, you can get even more years of use out of this powerful device. You ought to thoroughly keep any other power devices you have at residence, even if you’re preparing to keep it. So if you’re preparing to store your Chainsaw, lawnmower, or other little devices for the season, take a look at our tips when you review DIY: Preparation Your Power Devices for Winter Season.

Final Thought.

Whether you are trying to find a good saw for general landscape maintenance, or want a powerful, longer-lasting product for a variety of light and heavy work, these selections supply you with several of the most popular alternatives. 16-inch chainsaws are a preferred house owner who chooses to take care of just about anything you might need it for. The size is best for the dependable electrical source of power, with extremely little loss of control compared to their gas equivalents.